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I’ve seen people touring with frame bags for quite sometime. I purchased the RD Tangle for city commuting, so I wouldn’t have to lug around panniers all the time, but have since used it extensively for touring. This bag flat out rocks! The left side contains smaller internal pockets for clean organization, which is where I store repair items like tubes, tire levers, bike tools, and patches. The Velcro straps and locking mechanisms make it easy and fast to install or take off. There are three top tube Velcro straps including one giant 4-5″ that contributes to ultimate stability. I like that they included at least 2 attachments per tube.

It’ll easily hold a six pack and will sure hell keep your personals dry. Speaking of drinks, I like that this bag leaves riders with access to their water bottle cages. Revelate uses Zipstretch™ construction to ensure a waterproof seal. I like this bag because of the storage and the low profile design keeps it from acting like a sail. Buy this bag and ditch all of yourFind more specs here.


-Internal Pockets for Organization

-Offered in Black, Red, Multi Cam, and Slate colors.

-S,M,L sizes will fit just about any bike.



-Lack of restriction and play in the material can create a bulky bag it while full that interferes with your knees and inner thighs as you are pedaling.

-Coated straps tend to rub on frame when tightened well or applied for an extended amount of time.


Revelate Designs $90.00

Modern Bike $90 + ships free