Revelate Designs – Pika Seat Bag

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The Revelate Designs Pika Seat Bag is ideal for everything from weekend gravel grinds and to a long day single track ride. The design of this bag allows riders with minimal tire clearance and seat post exposure to access primo additional storage. Revelate incorporated a hefty heavy duty Velcro strap about 2/3 inches wide for seat post support. Per usual, this bag is offered in black, red, multi camo, and crush. The Pika will has a volume of 6-12 liters and weighs 12.6oz.

Personally, I have used this bag to carry my REI Quarter Dome 1p tent, spare tube, and bike tool all at the same time. The tent fits perfectly enough where I am able to fold the ends twice before fastening them. I have also used the Pika to carry both my rain jacket and down jacket for day trips while mountain biking.

I like that this bag rather compact and not bulky. I have had trouble with sway, especially while mountain biking. The Velcro seatpost strap and the dual clips that latch through the saddle appeal to provide a descent amount of support, but I feel as if the bag could benefit from being a little bit stiffer.



-Multiple color options

-Wide Velcro strap for seat post for stability.

-Fits on bikes with minimal tire clearance and seat post exposure.

-Strap loops on top of the bag.


-It would be nice to see an elastic strap come with this bag instead of purchasing one separately.


-Lacking all around stiffness



Modern Bike $125.00

Idaho Mountain Touring $125.00

Revelate Designs $125.00

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