Ortlieb Seat-Pack

Ortlieb Seat Pack Saddle Bag
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The Ortlieb Seat-Pack bag is great for bikepacking and bicycle touring. It is made of polyurethane laminated rip stop nylon, holds a volume capacity of 8 to 16.5 liters, and features easy to use fasteners. This bag can withstand exposure to harsh elements including rain, snow, and mud. I would highly recommend this bag to all riders.


-Elastic chord allows you to attach additional items with easy access

-Central distribution of weight to the seat post minimizes the lug/heaviness of your load

-Maintains shape due to inner stiffener


-Can be bulky and cause tire rubbing the closer your saddle is to your seat collar. (If you ride with your seat post extended up this will not effect you)


REI $159.95

Modern Bike $159.96