Ortlieb Back-Roller

Ortlieb - Back Roller Classics
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Ortlieb is basically the godfather of touring bags. They have refined high quality cycling bags close to perfection. The Back Roller is made from a durable polyester fabric that is waters worst enemy. In addition, the roll closure ensures that your freight stays dry at all times.

The Back Roller comes in asphalt black, black, ultra marine, orange, red, and yellow. 3M Scotchlite reflectors ensure high visibility ahead and behind riders no matter the color choice.


-Longevity. I’ve had these bags since 2015 and still no rips, tares, or leaks!!

-Reflective material on each side allows riders to be seen from far away. You will appreciate this on road tours!

-Quick adjust manually or with Allen Keys

-Fits any rack

-Offered in high vis fabric.


-Some of the Ortliebs do not come with the shoulder straps and are a bit difficult to carry without. I highly recommend making sure you grab some with the straps.

– The internal plastic piece that the rack clips are mounted to tends to warp a little bit after traveling a little bit.

-Internal storage can be difficult to keep organized.



REI $180.00

Modern Bike $180.00

Amazon $199.00