EVO Hurricane

evo hurricane
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Obviously, you’re not taking a floor pump on tour with you, but this is a great pump to have around the house. Everyone who rides a bike should have their own pump. I started out purchasing the cheapest floor pump I could find and quickly found out why it was so cheap. The thing couldn’t pump up a jam, much less a bike tube. I headed down to my local bike shop to look at more options.

When comparing the EVO Hurricane to other quality pumps, I found that it has the most bang for your buck. The pump head will adjust to both schrader and presta. Plus, the head will stay on the valve and does not leak at all. These were the issues I was having with the lower quality pumps. It also comes with an inflation needle for sporting equipment. I’ve never had the need for a needle until recently when a friend needed air to play some basketball. I’ve had this pump for nearly 2 years and it still performs perfectly.


-Pump head accommodates Schrader and Presta valves and includes needle for sporting equipment


-Air pressure gauge measures bars and PSI

-High grade plastic base


-Doesn’t come with instructions, which might be helpful for first time users.


Amazon $35.99