Why Do You Want to Bicycle Tour?

Bicycle touring can be amazing, exciting, and full of adventure, but don’t be fooled. It doesn’t always come easy. Sometimes your body aches and begs you to slow down or give it a rest. Your mind may seem to keep focusing on the one thing you’ve been trying to avoid. Other times, you can’t stop smiling or imagine being anywhere else in the world other than tour. So, … Continue reading Why Do You Want to Bicycle Tour?

Top 10 Touring Essentials

   1.BIKE. The single most essential component to bicycle touring is the bike. If you are just testing the waters, it’s okay to use whatever bike you currently ride. Although, some bikes may not be very practical you can tour on nearly any bicycle. If you are looking for the long haul (pun intended) and comfort, then you should consider looking for touring specific bikes. … Continue reading Top 10 Touring Essentials

How to Tour on a Budget

It’s not difficult to drop a lot of money on bicycle touring. Who doesn’t want to save money where they can? Saving money means traveling further on less. I have split touring costs into four main categories: gear, transportation, camping, and food. Gear can be the most expensive category, especially if you don’t already have a bike. If you are brand new to touring, use third party resources such … Continue reading How to Tour on a Budget

Top 5 U.S. Bicycle Touring Routes

#1 Pacific Coast The Pacific Coast route (PCH) comes in a strong #1 for many reasons. This route takes riders through everything from the Pacific coast line to forests of giant redwoods. It travels through remote places like Big Sur or a variety of National Forests to developed cities like San Francisco and Seattle. Some choose to fly by the big cities and get back … Continue reading Top 5 U.S. Bicycle Touring Routes