WESTCOAST2             My name is Zach Gilliam, and I created www.bicycletouringhq.com for multiple reasons. Cycling is a passion of mine and I enjoy sharing my experience and knowledge of touring with others. It brings me great joy to witness the birth and evolution of peoples own cycling journeys.

Cycling has been apart of our culture for many years. There are a million reasons why you should be riding a bike including but not limited to: no emissions in a time where global warming threatens our livelihood, it naturally incorporates a healthy lifestyle when obesity is at an all time high, and it contributes to mental and emotional stability as riding provides an opportunity for reflection and meditation.

Ultimately, I would like to create a foundation to support a lifestyle of travel and adventure. During these times of exploration, I feel the experience of true freedom. Freedom of time, commitment, and expectations. Check out the site and feel free to contact me for any questions or recommendations bicycletouringhq@gmail.com.